Putting In the Effort

My name is Carolyn, I’m 17 and live in Sydney, Australia.

I’ve hated and been struggling with my weight and body ever since I was in primary school and have always wanted to lose weight. I’m in my last year of high school so I’m really busy but I really want to make time to workout. I like to run early in the morning but I’m sometimes too tired to get up. Healthy eating and portion control is probably one of my biggest problems because I have very little self control :(

Please feel free to talk to me about anything :)

Fitblr Promo to 13,000+

14. August 2014


I’ll let this one go overnight and into tomorrow since some of my overseas followers usually miss my promos!

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I can’t believe that there are so many of you following this blog. I appreciate each and every one of you who follows my journey and supports me through the good and the bad!

Did Pilates for the first time this morning!

4. August 2014

It was really good and my muscles have that nice sore feeling! I’m signed up for the next 6 weeks on a Monday morning before school :)


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